Seattle American Lamb Pro-Am

You voted, Seattle, for your favorite recipe. the top 4 contestants will be paired with a master chef to compete at Seattle’s American Lamb Pro-am October 10th at cedarbrook lodgeHere are the pairings and dishes

What’s up with this Pro-Am thing?

The American Lamb Pro-Am is a competitive cooking event that pairs 4 professional chefs with 4 local bloggers (amateur chefs). And here’s the best part: you pick the winner AND the competitors!

From Friday, August 24th – Friday, August 31st, you can vote for which of these 8 bloggers has created the best lamb recipe. The top 4 vote getting blogger will each be paired with one of theses 4 chefs…

Joshua Delgado, Mark Bodinet, Alex Paguaga or Jason Stoneburner

Together, the chef and blogger teams will perfect the blogger’s recipe and serve it at the American Lamb Pro-Am to be held at Cedarbrook Lodge on October 10th.

In addition to tasting these delicious American Lamb concoctions and voting for your favorite, Pro-Am attendees will be able to sip on local wine and beer and create their own SWAG bag.

Inside-out Gyro-Style Lamb Roulade

Snacking in the Kitchen | about the blog

I’ve been cooking and eating a lot of lamb lately.  What can I say, I’m a fan.  In fact, I might just start baaa-ing instead of talking.  When I was approached to participate in Seattle’s first American Lamb Pro-Am,  I knew I had to do it!

I picked up a mystery lamb cut, which turned out to be a boneless leg of lamb, and it was a big one — easily 8-10 pounds!  I took it home and let it sit in the fridge for a few days while waiting for inspiration to hitread the complete blog post

Pita Sandwich & Herb Roasted Lamb

The Seattle Cook | about the blog

About a month ago Ash and I were asked to compete/participate in the American Lamb Pro-Am Seattle.  I was in!   Ash…who raised market lambs for FFA growing up, but never ate lamb, was initially reluctant until I told her that we would get to cook the first round at home. The basic rules for the first round of the Lamb Pro-Am was to cook the surprise cut of lamb within the week and blog about it. Ash and I speculated the days leading up to the reveal what the cut would be….rack, chops… the complete blog post

Xinjiang Lamb Skewers

The Gastro Gnome | about the blog

Xinjiang lamb skewers are the best bar snack you’ve never had. Unless you’ve been to Beijing, in which case, they might just be the best bar snack you have had. It’s been almost three years since I came back from Beijing, but the many tasty skewers I had have stuck with me. It was high time to recreate them at home.There are western-style bars in Beijing, but my friend Nick (visible behind the skewers here), explained that Chinese people do their heavy baijiu (rice whiskey) drinking at Xinjiang the complete blog post

Seared Lamb with Coffee, Salt, Garlic, Rosemary & Cumin | about the blog

Last year, my cooking partner Dominic and I field-tested a couple of dry rubs for a bag of boneless lamb cubes we received from the American Lamb Board. Mine was coffee and garlic salt; Dominic’s was traditional garam masala. In the end, we combined the two and grilled up a delicious meal.This year, similar meat but different circumstances. I have to be in Arizona, where it’s been 115 every day for the past week. (Cools off at night, though, down to the mid-90s.) Should be perfect for an outdoor grill, but there’s none availableread the complete blog post

Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

delishhh | about the blog

…All week I had been thinking of how to prepare my lamb and I wanted to do it like I prepare my favorite ribs, which is slow cook them in the oven for 6-8 hours in 200F.Well as it turns out it was 90 degrees in Seattle all week and most folks like myself do not have AC, and the last thing I wanted to do was have the oven on all day long in my already 85 degree the complete blog post

Grilled Lamb with Pomegranate and Balsamic

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef | about the blog

Hi there! Chef here. Today I’m writing this post about lamb. Not just any lamb, but lamb that comes from the Anderson Ranch down in The Willamette Valley of Oregon. The Anderson family ranch has been around for five generations, producing lamb, and they sell to some of the best restaurants in Seattle. They make some damn fine lamb.You might be wondering about the difference between domestic lamb and Australian and New Zealand lamb. Traditionally, lamb from our friends down under was from a breed primarily meant to manufacture the complete blog post

Lamb Leg Stuffed with Summer Vegetables

Seattle Local Food | about the blog

…Many home cooks are daunted by cooking meat in the first place––even something simple like chicken pieces–– and are way too intimidated by something like a leg of lamb. But with good ingredients, a thermometer, and a sense of humor, you can totally tackle this.So what do you do with a giant leg of lamb?

Step 1: Call over a bunch of your dearest friends for dinner. Check.

Step 2: With a leg of lamb, the next question is: to roast or to braise? I find summer is better for roasting, winter is better for the complete blog post

Goat Cheese & Cherry Chutney Stuffed Lamb Leg with Lamb Jus

Talk of Tomatoes | about the blog

Lamb is just as approachable as beef, pork or chicken. You can grill it, skewer it, roast it and enjoy fistfuls of ribs. It loves to be dressed up in Moroccan, Thai, Greek and Mediterranean flavors (to name but a few). When I think of lamb I think gyros and mint jelly, rosemary and chickpeas. I think plain yogurt and cumin, garlic and lemons. So many options, and here I sit with a whole leg of lamb. What to do? the complete blog post